Sustainability without Compromise

Guests may rest assured that their stay will have a minimal impact on the environment while we provide our luxury services without diminishing the quality of your four-star experience.

Keycard Switch
Energy saving key card on and off switches were added during the 2010/11 remodel to create an efficient energy saving system.

Wind Power
Garden Court Hotel was the first Palo Alto business to support the Green Movement by purchasing wind power supplied to the city through Palo Alto Green - the #1 renewable energy power program in the United States.

Commitment to Zero Waste
It starts with our employees. And it continues with a commitment to retrain a lifetime of habits to make great strides along with GreenWaste of Palo Alto to separate waste at the hand-to-trash level. GreenWaste provides collection and processing services to help meet the Zero Waste by 2021 goal. Partnering with residents, businesses and the City of Palo Alto we all strive to decrease landfills while diverting recyclable and compostable materials.

Sustainable Vendor Resources
Garden Court Hotel selects vendors who work to protect our planet through changes within their individual industries. I.e. our printer uses soy based ink and recycled chemicals and our linen vendor makes their products in their factory fueled with palm oil from farmed trees.